Peter Schwickerath


"The subject of my work is the relationship that connects mass , space and volume and the effect of the physical environment in space. To me, the surfaces represent the boundaries of the body, whose lines, colour and structural aspects converge seamlessly and honestly - together, they convey my intent.

I like clearly defined forms, such as, square columns or cylinders - they create, in their different ways, a wonderful interplay between mass and volume; and designed to create spatial references recognizable to the viewer.

Finally, I am particularly interested in the multitude of possibilities present in formal simplicity and strictness."

Peter Schwickerath

Peter Schwickerath, German Sculptor lives and works in Düsseldorf (Germany) and Punta del Este (Uruguay).

Many of his large-scale works can be found both in public spaces and sculpture parks and in public collections.


Peter Schwickerath, German Sculptor, born on 2 nd of November 1942 lives and works ind Düsseldorf (Germany) and Punta del Este (Uruguay).

  • Folkwang Schule für Gestaltung in Essen with Prof. Wamper.

  • 1965
  • Assistent to Curt Beckmann, German Sculptor.

  • 1966
  • Kunstakadmie (Academie of Art), Düsseldorf, studied with Prof. Manfred Sieler and Prof. Norbert Kricke.

  • 1968
  • Beginning of independence in his own studio.
    Many of his large - scale works are in public spaces and Sculpture Parks as well as inplrivate Collections.

  • 1980
  • Organizer of "the ambulant Museum I and II - art in Companies".
    "The Viewer does not need to go to the Museum , but the Museum comes to him at the workplace and thus art from the sheltered Museum space into the natural environment of everyday life".

  • 1988
  • Organizer of the D-88, (Kunstachse Düsseldorf)- Exhibition of large scale pieces from 40 German artists in honour of Düsseldorf 700 th.



  • variable sculptures, Carlerst Kürten Foundation, Unna / Participation
  • 3.452 m3 5 Düsseldorf artists, Unser Fritz artists' colliery, Herne
  • West German Artists' Association, Schloss Moyland / Participation

  • 2021
  • Sculptures and objects in space, Schloss Neersen

  • 2020
  • Skulpturenprojekt Lantzscher Park, Düsseldorf (Participation)
  • "Transparenz und Dichte," 10 Artists , Flottmann-Hallen, Herne
  • "1799 m3" , 5 Artists from Düsseldorf, Hawerkamp 31, Münster

  • 2019
  • Collection Christian and Dagmar Fochem , Schloss Neersen
  • Westdeutscher Künstlerbund, Iserlohn
  • Kunst im Hafen, Düsseldorf - Peter Schwickerath, Andreas Bee

  • 2018
  • Version, Tuchfabrik, Trier ( exhibition with other artists )

  • 2017
  • Gallery Fochem, Krefeld (Finissage with the artists of the Gallery)

  • 2016
  • Fundacion Pablo Atchugarry, Punta del Este, Uruguay

  • 2015
  • Flottmann - Halls , Herne
  • Gallery 15a, Lochem, Netherlands

  • 2014
  • Gallery Onomato, Düsseldorf
  • Kunstverein Wilhelmshöhe , Ettlingen
  • Gallery 15a, Lochem , Netherlands

  • 2013
  • Gallery 15a, Lochem, Netherlands

  • 2012
  • Gallery 15a, Lochem, Netherlands

  • 2011
  • Gallery Fochem, Krefeld
  • Blickachsen 8, Bad Homburg
  • Centrum for Steel, Düsseldorf
  • Gallery 15a, Lochem, Netherlands
  • Gallery St.Johann, Saarbrücken

  • 2010
  • Great Art-Exhibition, Düsseldorf
  • Westdeutscher Künstlerbund

  • 2009
  • 4.Trienale of Sculptures, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

  • 2007
  • Museum Kalkar
  • Gallery Feder, Murnau "Light and Heavy"

  • 2006
  • 3. Trienale of Sculptures, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

  • 2005
  • Gallery Fochem, Krefeld
  • Gallery Feder, Murnau

  • 2004
  • Flottmann - Halls, Herne
  • "Zeche Unser Fritz", Herne

  • 2003
  • Egon Zehnder - International, Hamburg

  • 2002
  • Gallery Meißner, Hamburg

  • 2001
  • Museum Bochum, "Westdeutscher Künstlerbund"
  • Gallery Fochem, Krefeld

  • 2000
  • Gallery Feder, Murnau

  • 1996
  • Kunst-Museum Ahlen
  • Urban gallery Lüdenscheid

  • 1994
  • Westdeutscher Künstlerbund, Art Gallery Recklinghausen

  • 1993
  • Gallery Fochem, Krefeld

  • 1992
  • Kunstverein Schwelm

  • 1991
  • Xylon-Museum, Schwetzingen

  • 1990
  • "Schwarz konkret", urban gallery, Lüdenscheid

  • 1989
  • Gallery MS, Münster
  • Gallery Art and be, München

  • 1988
  • Kunstverein und Städtisches Museum, Wesel
  • Skulptur D-88, Organisation und Ausstellung der Kunstachse, Düsseldorf

  • 1987
  • Westdeutscher Künstlerbund, Hagen

  • 1986
  • Thyssengas, Duisburg
  • Vebiskus, Art Association Schaffhausen

  • 1983
  • Urban gallery, Altena

  • 1982
  • "Vier Düsseldorfer Bildhauer" Skulpturenmuseum, Marl

  • 1981-82
  • "Das ambulante Museum", Stinnes AG, Mühlheim ( Organisation und Exhibition)
  • "Skulptur Drei mal Drei", city museum, Düsseldorf

  • 1978
  • "Drei Bildhauer in der Villa Engelhard", Düsseldorf
  • "100 deutsche Künstler in Krakau"

  • 1977
  • 50 Künstler aus NRW im Cultureel Centrum, Venlo , Niederlande
  • Ausstellungs Participation "Grands et Jeunes d,aujourd'hui ", Grand Palais, Paris
  • "Das Revier als Faszination", Schloss Oberhausen

  • 1976
  • Gemeinschaftsausstellung "Nachbarschaft", Art Gallery, Düsseldorf

  • 1975
  • Düsseldorfer Künstler in Darmstadt

  • 1974
  • Kunst in der Stadt, Solingen

  • 1973
  • Forum Junger Kunst, Art Gallery Recklinghausen

  • 1969
  • Altes Kino, Düsseldorf-Lohausen

  • 1968
  • Winter exhibition Düsseldorf, Participation

  • 1967
  • Modehaus Heinemann, Düsseldorf



Editor : Dr. Uwe Rüth, Sylvia Krey
Publication date : 24.10.2022
Authors : Dr. Gregor Jansen
Design: Lambert and Lambert
240 pages
with 310 colored and 12 b/w illustrations
33.0 cm x 24.0 cm
English, German



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